As building services and environmental engineers it is essential that we promote the use of sustainable products and technologies which reduce the impact on the built environment as generally the primary power behind building services engineering systems is generated via fossil fuels.

Our Approach

Where appropriate we explore the use of sustainable materials and ensure the building services design is a low energy design. This coupled with good building design and good construction standards create good U values and helps reduce greenhouse gas emissions resulting in designs that perform to meet energy and emission targets.

We therefore consider the building in its complete form and are keen to explore the use of passive solutions using thermal storage, natural ventilation, night time cooling, heat recovery systems and grey water recycling. Consideration is also given to alternative and renewable energy sources such as Photo Voltaics, wind energy, solar thermals, geothermal, biomass and combined heat and power systems.

We use industry recognised software to Thermally Model each building with the capabilities to provide SBEM, Dynamic Simulation Modelling (DSM), Energy Performance Certificates (EPCs) and Display Energy Certificates (DECs). Through interrogation of the software and review of different construction and services solutions we can offer the client solutions and options on the best method of achieving compliance from both a practical and economic approach.